VA Disability Benefits Denials & Appeals

Helping veterans isn’t just professional.

It’s personal.


At The Law Office of Rebecca L. Bartlett helping veterans
isn’t just professional, it’s personal .

We are dedicated to assisting you in navigating the-often sluggish and complicated-administrative process involved in seeking the VA disability compensation benefits you have earned. As an office of veterans and military spouses, we understand service and sacrifice and it is our honor to now serve you.

Thank you for trusting us to represent you.

–Rebecca L. Bartlett, Founding Attorney

Veteran Disability Claims

We can help you prepare and submit your veteran disability claim to the VA, ensuring you have the best chance of receiving compensation for disabilities connected to your military service.

Veteran Disability Denials

If your veteran disability claim has been denied, we can assist you to understand and address the reasons for your denial, and help you to strengthen your case so that you can get an approval.

Veteran Disability Appeals

If we need to appeal your benefits denial, we can guide you through the appeal process, providing support with additional evidence submission and navigating the review system to get the benefits you need.

Don’t let the VA have the final say

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