VA Disability Compensation Representation

Helping veterans isn’t just professional. It’s personal.

Rebecca L. Bartlett is dedicated to assisting military service members and veterans to navigate the–often complicated and sluggish–administrative process involved in seeking their entitled VA disability compensation benefits.

Rebecca is proud to be a military spouse to an active duty servicemember, is the daughter of two military veterans, and is the granddaughter of military veterans. This makes her passion to assist veterans more than just professional, it’s personal. With having countless friends and family serving our nation, she has first-hand knowledge of the myriad of struggles—physical and emotional—that our veterans must overcome.

With a Master’s in Social Work, and Certificate in Disaster Mental Health, Rebecca is educated and experienced in working with survivors of all types of trauma. Her personal experiences, time as a civil and criminal prosecutor, and her years of work with survivors of trauma bolster her ability to assist her clients in achieving their best possible results.

Don’t let the VA have the final say.

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