A veteran benefits lawyer offers essential services building, filing, and appeal claims to help former service members obtain the VA benefits they deserve.


  • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides essential benefits to eligible U.S. veterans, including disability payments, pensions, medical care, and more.
  • Veterans often face bureaucratic obstacles and delays when accessing these benefits, making legal assistance  from a VA disability lawyer crucial.
  • Types of benefits include tax-free disability payments, pensions for wartime veterans, comprehensive medical care, dependency and indemnity compensation for families, educational support, and housing assistance.
  • Eligibility for benefits requires active duty service and honorable discharge, with additional criteria for specific veterans benefits.
  • VA disability lawyers assist in correctly filing claims, gathering necessary evidence, navigating appeals, and seeking increased benefits or legal representation in hearings.

VA disability lawyer reviewing their clients denied claim to help them get benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides essential benefits like disability payments, pensions, and medical care to eligible U.S. armed forces veterans. Eligible persons make applications to the VA, and await an approval upon review. While the process of accessing these benefits may appear straightforward, it is often riddled with bureaucratic obstacles and frustrating delays. 

Many veterans, despite having strong cases, find their claims denied, adding to their stress and challenges. This is why you need seasoned, knowledgeable and dedicated veteran benefits lawyers to help you navigate the process.

Our experienced VA disability benefits lawyers at Bartlett Legal Group understand the intricacies of the VA system and are ready to guide you through each step, significantly increasing your chances of securing the benefits you or your beloved one rightfully deserve. Call us at (850) 332-6434 or submit this contact form to book your free consultation.

Types of Veteran Benefits a VA Disability Lawyer Can Help You Access

Veteran benefits are compensations and services provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs to eligible persons. To qualify, an individual must prove they served in the U.S military and suffered injuries that continue to affect their lives even after discharge.

Examples of Benefits the VA Offers to Vets and Their Families

The VA provides several types of compensation for veterans. These benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Disability payments: This is tax-free money paid to veterans with disabilities resulting from a health condition or injury suffered, or aggravated during active military service. The amount paid will vary depending on the disability rating of the claimant. A VA disability rating is a score reflective of the seriousness of your condition and how much financial support you are entitled to.

Pensions: Wartime veterans with permanent disabilities or those over 65 may qualify for a pension program. This program provides support to help veterans meet their basic needs.

Medical care: Veterans may also receive medications for various conditions, both related and unrelated to their service. Emergency care is covered, even outside VA facilities. For those needing ongoing assistance, the VA offers long-term care options, with eligibility based on factors like disability severity and income.

Dependency and indemnity compensation: Other than veterans themselves, their families and loved ones can also receive benefits. Survivors of veterans who have succumbed to conditions suffered due to their service may be eligible for dependency and indemnity compensations (DIC). This benefit is applicable to surviving family members and dependents.

Education and training: Recognizing the value of veterans’ skills, programs like the GI Bill offer financial assistance for higher education or job training. This funding can cover expenses like tuition, housing, and books, helping veterans gain new qualifications and smoothly transition into civilian careers.

Housing assistance: Beyond just mortgages, the VA goes the extra mile to ensure veterans have safe and comfortable homes. They provide programs to help modify homes for veterans with disabilities from their service, and even offer assistance to veterans experiencing homelessness.

Who is Eligible for Veteran Benefits?

To qualify for veteran benefits, you must have been on active duty in the U.S. military and discharged under conditions other than dishonorable. However, certain benefits may have additional criteria. For instance, disability compensation requires that the veteran proves they have a mental or physical service-connected disability. Need-based benefits such as pension programs may depend on the veteran’s financial situation.

General Process of Seeking Veteran Benefits With a VA Disability Lawyer

Depending on the specifics of your claim, the process of pursuing VA benefits may look a little different. Generally speaking, this is the order of the VA claim process.

Gather the Necessary Documents

To seek veteran benefits in the U.S., you will need to start by gathering necessary documents like service and medical records. This evidence supports the claim and ensures a comprehensive application.

Fill in and Submit the Application Forms

Having assembled the necessary documents, you will then complete and submit the application forms available on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website or at a local VA office. It is important to be sure that you satisfy the necessary criteria to be eligible.

Review by the VA

After submission, the VA reviews the application. You may be requested to offer additional information or undergo medical evaluations, such as a C&P exam, at this stage.

Approval or Denial of the Claim

After thorough review of the application, the VA makes a decision on the claim, either approving or denying it. If approved, you will receive details on the benefits to be awarded. If the VA denies your claim, it will also indicate the reason why.  

VA Claim Denial Appeals

If the claim is denied or you disagree with the decision made, you have the right to file an appeal. The appeals process involves submitting additional evidence, attending hearings, and potentially engaging in legal proceedings to challenge the VA’s decision.

This process is fraught with many challenges which often frustrate claimants. These include complex paperwork, strict deadlines, long wait times, and high initial denial rates. Appeals are often complicated and require legal expertise. Seeking assistance from veteran benefits lawyers therefore greatly improves the chances of a successful claim. 

Veteran sits on his bed clutching his back in pain from a service related disability

The Role of a VA Disability Lawyer in Securing Benefits

A veteran benefits attorney will help you overcome the challenges often faced while navigating the process. Some of the ways in which a VA disability lawyer can assist you include:

Correctly Filing and Submitting Your VA Claims

In order to obtain veteran benefits, you need to first file your VA claim and submit all necessary documents with the Department of Veterans Affairs for evaluation. One of the most common reasons for denial of these claims is incorrect or incomplete paperwork.

Without legal help, it is easy to miss crucial details while filing your claim, or submit incomplete documents. A VA disability lawyer can help avoid such procedural errors in the first instance. The team at Bartlett Legal Group is well versed with VA regulations, ensuring that you comply with all the necessary details when submitting your claim.

Providing Information on All Potential Benefits

To claim what you deserve, you need to be aware of the types of veteran benefits that you or your loved ones are eligible for. A knowledgeable veteran benefits attorney can offer information on all the potential benefits you stand to gain after analyzing your case. These could be pension, disability compensation, medical care, or even education benefits. 

Offering Help Gathering and Submitting Evidence

Some VA claims such as common injuries and health conditions in disability claims require supporting medical and service evidence. You have to prove the connection between the physical or mental condition you are suffering from and your service in the armed forces. For such, gathering the right evidence to successfully advance your claim is critical.

Such evidence could be medical records, expert opinions or service records. Once collected, submitting it correctly and within the set deadlines is equally important. A VA benefits lawyer helps you to identify the kind of evidence you need, enhancing your chances of accessing veterans benefits. 

Navigating the Complex Appeals Process

A claim for veterans benefits may be denied for various reasons. These include technical grounds such as incomplete or inaccurate paperwork, failure to comply with the strict deadlines, or inconsistent medical records. It could also be substantive, such as where the claim in the case of a medical condition is not significant enough to warrant compensation. 

As disheartening as a denial might be, it is not the end of the road. A veterans benefits appeals lawyer will help you navigate the complex appeal processes by refining your submissions, collecting the necessary documentation, new evidence if possible, and filing the appeal.

Seeking Increased VA Benefits

Sometimes, a veteran’s condition may worsen, necessitating a revision of their assigned benefits by the VA. Alternatively, a veteran may develop a secondary condition related to their original service-connected condition. Professional services of a skilled VA disability lawyer will come in handy in helping you put forth their case. They will also help you file for increased VA benefits.

A VA disability attorney represents veterans in legal proceedings giving utmost regard to their best interests. The lawyer’s knowledge and experience in VA procedure and regulations will help you have a smoother experience in the hearings, whether you are appearing in the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims or the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Helping You Avoid Unnecessary Delays

Filing claims or navigating appeal processes can be a lengthy and hectic process requiring you to stay on top of deadlines. However, the pressure becomes less when you have an accredited and dedicated veterans disability benefits lawyer to do the needful when called upon.

Someone who understands the system quite well will be best placed to help you avoid fatal delays, and common mistakes in the process. Our team is well-versed with the ins and outs of the VA system, and ready to keep your claim moving forward until you get what is rightfully yours.

Obtaining well-deserved compensation and benefits can be a daunting journey for veterans. Navigating the intricate landscape of the VA system is often overwhelming due to its complex regulations and detailed documentation requirements. Additionally, veterans often find the appeals process lengthy and challenging.

Thankfully, VA disability lawyers offer critical expertise and advocacy, guiding you through every step of the process. At Bartlett Legal Group, we understand the complexities and frustrations that come with seeking veteran benefits.

Our dedicated team of Florida VA disability lawyers represents clients from all over the country. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve. Don’t let bureaucratic hurdles and lengthy wait times stand in your way.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation and let our experienced veteran benefits lawyers take you through the process. Your service to our country deserves the best possible representation. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form or by calling (850) 332-6434.